Homesick (It Finally Happened)

I have been traveling for over 4 months now and I’ve finally reached that point, I’m homesick.  Every long term traveler knows this feeling and it sucks.  Everything begins to remind you of home and you begin to count the things that you miss the most.

My bed and woobie

Bacon (properly cooked)




The Western world

The Bay Area

American hospitality

Craft Beer



Being healthy

Sista’s dog laying on my woobie. She understands how cozy it is

This is a feeling that I’ve been trying to shake, but like everything else I eventually embrace it.  Traveling the world up to this point can only be described in one word, emotional.  I continue to visit amazing places and meeting interesting people, each triggering a different thought and feeling.

Although this a common feeling for most, there are those who wish to never go home. Home for them is a terrible place to live, a place they wanted to escape.  Fortunately for me this is not the case.  I come from a great place and I continue to say that no place in the world matches it.

Driving on the Golden Gate bridge

A place where I can roam through giant skyscrapers and escape to giant redwoods a few minutes north.  A place where you can hit the trendy bars of the populated city or cross a bridge to a more divey scene yet undiscovered. Music of all kinds can be found here and so can every type of cuisine.  “What are you feeling like tonight? Phillipino? Vietnamese? Indian? Nah, lets go for Peruvian. Good choice.”

Craft beer. On the house because the bartender was a fellow veteran.


A place of forward thinking and a health conscious mindset. Eat clean, train, but still enjoy all the fatty goods of life.

A place hated for its mindset and diversity, yet they continue to move here making it the most expensive state to live in the union.  Hey I don’t blame you for moving, I also would want to escape scorching high humidity heat during the summer and harsh winters.  Two summers is pretty nice as well, especially for motorcycle riders.  Luckily for us some of you will never come because our gay loving, weed smoking, hipster, techy, diverse culture scares you.  Thank god for that.

Riding season is long

Friends here come from all walks of life and an accent is very common.  There is no single color here, no single nationality, and although we all embrace our roots, in the end we are all American.

Can you see why I miss this place?  It embodies the values I was raised on.

Shortly I’ll be reunited with my family and friends which will ease my homesick feelings.  Before I left my friend told me that home will always be there, it’s not going anywhere.  He’s right, but the opportunity of long term travel will not.  He’s right and I encourage all others to take the leap. So far my mission to inspire others seems to be working as those I’ve met have quit their jobs for an adventure around the world and others have made this their goal, changing their perspective on life.

Warriors. Can’t believe I’m missing this season

Home will always be there, but places and people are constantly changing.  The ruins of the Acropolis are crumbling, the northern lights are disappearing, and the great barrier reef is dying.  Snatch the opportunities that present themselves while you have them, things will buff out in the end.  I continue to live by this rule as I change my itinerary for people and places.  This is why I must finish what I started, to snatch up all of the opportunities that life will present me with and risk it all.

The faithful

When I return home I’ll be covered with internal scars from memories, thinking to myself on a grassy hill overlooking my city with IPA in hand, “What a fucking ride. (chuckle) Ok, what’s next?” (flips internal coin letting it land where it may).


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