The Land Down Under – Sydney

Sydney is a great and beautiful city with lots to see.  I tend to compare every city I visit to San Francisco.  To me San Francisco ranks number one, but of course this is a bias opinion since I grew up in the bay.  However, every traveler that I’ve met who has visited the states ranks San Francisco as their favorite American city.  Like any city SF has its flaws, but it is the cultivating cities that make up the bay area that make it a great place to live.  Similar to home, one can escape Sydney and head over to Manly for a more relaxed vibe.

Walking through Sydney it’s tall buildings resembled those of the skyscrapers from back home.  As I walked from the ferry station to Bondi beach I stumbled upon many different districts such as the gay district on Oxford street.  I could have easily mistaken this area of the city with that of Castro in SF.  As I escaped the financial district of the city I entered a posh district, once again on Oxford street.  A series of suburban homes followed before I hit the infamous Bondi Beach.  Bondi did not strike me as an impressive beach and had more of an industrial feel causing it to lose its charm.  I suppose the hype over the beach also did not help, still this beach is better than anyone we have back home simply because you can enter the water without risking hyperthermia.

I did however find this remarkable (Bondi Beach artwork).

What I was looking for in Bondi I found in Manly.  Manly beach in my opinion is greater than Bondi and delivered the beach town vibe that I was looking for.  Regardless of what I say you should still visit both beaches and form your own opinion for I have encountered mixed reviews amongst fellow travelers.  I visited Bondi against the advice given to me by my fellow mates who said the beach was filled with tourist and not worth my time.  They forgot I was a tourist and wanted to do touristy things.  My advice to you is to always visit the major touristy landmarks of any new city you are in.  Don’t be that retard know it all hippy traveler that is to cool for that.  In my previous travels I was advised against Oktoberfest in Munich by fellow travelers (the retard hippy) and locals because of the same reason, “it’s too touristy and crowded”, my response, “ummm, I’m a tourist and I fucking love crowds”.  I had a great a time at Oktoberfest by the way.

In both places you’ll find several shops, eateries, and watering holes, but be warned Australia is not a cheap place to visit.  Unlike my Europe excursion, I actually find myself in the kitchen prepping meals.  I can definitely afford to eat out in Oz, but not if I want to make a year of traveling a reality.  I do enjoy the curious eyes of my fellow backpackers as they assume I am cooking for two and are left surprised when I consume the entire meal.  Typical American and his large servings.  Actually it’s just me, I’m a fat ass.

There were many highlights to my Sydney trip such as attending Field day and watching Chance The Rapper and Childish Gambino perform sick sets, two artist who have rekindled my love affair with Hip Hop.  I’m going to tell you about a personal highlight that might not be significant to you.  As I walked through Sydney, carefully choosing busy streets for the sole purpose to stumble upon city landmarks, I stumbled upon one rarely visited by tourist and locals.


From the moment I saw it I knew this building was special but I had no clue what it was till I walked up the steps and asked the guard many his post.  “It’s a memorial to the Australian soldiers who fought and died in World War 1”.  The inside was small and circular with a statue of a fallen figure drenched over a sword.  On the hollowed parts of the wall, battles the Australians were involved in were carved into the wall, with Gallipoli being one of the most famous.  It’s easy to forget that such a small nation who was just formed in 1901 was involved in such a large war.  Since then our Aussie mates have fought alongside us in every major conflict.  Let us not forget these top blokes.  Till Valhalla mates.


I was fortunate enough to be in Sydney for NYE.  Entering the new year in a foreign city watching the fireworks from underneath the Harbour Bridge I stared at the Opera house with a smile on face knowing it was one of many to come.

Cheers! And safe travels friends.


To Teleport or Travel Back in Time?

I was digging through some of the older things I’ve written and found this piece, which I wrote 2 years ago. I did revise and add some more things to it, so enjoy.

A while back my friend Cody brought up an interesting question, “Would you rather have the ability to teleport, or to travel back in time?” Questions like these usually came up during some down time overseas after we seen every movie twice, trained, hit the gym and jerked off twice in our “whack shacks”, trademark pending.

Me: “Do my actions in the past cause a butterfly effect?”

Cody: “No”

Me: “Travel back in time it is.”

With no fear of a butterfly effect I chose to travel back in time. I like history, especially anything that has to do with war. I was the kid who grew up watching the History channel documentaries on World War 2 and Vietnam. I learned about Marathon and how it led to the battle of Thermopylae by the age of 10. Stories of the Roman Empire fascinated me more than Saturday morning cartoons. Not only could I name you all of the original Power Rangers but I could also name you some of history’s greatest kings/emperors; Attila the Hun, Caesar, Alaric I, Alexander the Great. Unfortunately the history channel is now filled with less meaningful shows such as Pawn stars and American Pickers.

Cody was baffled by my decision. He chose teleportation because he could be anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye. I agree that this is very beneficial and time saving but I rather shake hands with Genghis Khan and bang Cleopatra. The idea of reliving human history is far more intriguing to me. I could witness mankind’s greatest and most tragic events.

I would also finally find out if this Jesus guy was real, and if he was, I would spend the entire time talking to him about random bullshit. I probably ask the standard questions like, “why are we here?” and “what is meaning behind life?” but what I really what to know is “Dude what’s up with your dad? Why is he so vengeful and shit?” and “How mad are you about the whole crucifying thing? Sorry by the way, but in my defense I was not born yet.” Half way through the conversation I plan on being stoned with Jesus. Yup, that’s my Jesus, a pot smoking hippie with all the wisdom and kindness in the world.

Other questions I would ask him:

How much poon have you slaughtered?

What happened during your teenage years and twenties cause the bible fails to mention it?

Were you experimenting with sex and drugs?

I bet you were a traveling magician, and that’s how you got all the ladies. Sweet beard by the way, can you help me grow one just like that?

Is Satan real and is he really that bad? Or is he just your dad’s cousin who he hates? When is this war happening? The one between good and evil, and can I fight in it? Sweet abs by the way, what’s your secrete?

Are aliens real!?

Do they pray to you too? Who’s your favorite?

Pass the joint Jesus, your fucking up the rotation.