The Greatest Hug

Let me tell you a story.  Like any great love story this involves a boy and a girl, but what makes this story great is the risk taken for a chance encounter.

In a Galaxy far far away, on a planet called earth a young boy was enduring harsh training in the scorching lands of Georgia to become an instrument of death.  Meanwhile at the same time a young lady was enduring harsh training in the land of Texas to become an instrument to save lives.

Two individuals with two different missions who shared a love for each other, but were separated because they had decided to answer their country’s call.

For four months the only form of communication was through hand written letters.  By this point the sorrow of missing the other person was so great that the boy decided to take a huge risk.

During Airborne school (where they teach you to jump out of planes) he saw an opportunity to see the girl he loved.  It was a small window, with a huge risk, and minimal room for error

For the first time during his training he was allowed to have a weekend off, Saturday and Sunday.  He would be released Saturday morning and would have to be back Sunday evening right before dinner.  He was ordered to stay within the city limits and by no means could he leave the state.  If caught severe punishment would ensued and his career to join an elite group of men would be over.

The young lady would have the weekend off as well, but she would have to be back later that evening.  If everything worked out as planned they would have maybe 8 hours together.

And so the day came.  The boy had everything booked and packed the day prior just like they had taught him, to always be ready to move at a second’s notice.  Upon release he did not run but walked with a quick pace as to not raise suspicion.  He grabbed his small backpack and rushed to the airport which was an hour and a half away.  The whole time he kept his head low and avoided anyone in uniform.

Traffic was good and he made it to the airport on time.  Plane was on time and departed on schedule.  He landed in Atlanta and rushed towards the arrival gate.  Till this point Aphrodite was on their side till out comes his phone to contact his love but nothing, no missed phone call, no text, no voicemail.  His calls and text messages go unanswered.  She should have been released by now.

On his way to the hotel he finally receives a message.  The instructors were delaying the release and had threatened to cancel their weekend pass.


He can sense her frustration through her messages, and he too was frustrated, but he stayed hopeful and told her everything would work out.

Two hours after the original release time, they were finally let go.  She raised to downtown San Antonio.

He waited for her at the hotel entrance anxiously waiting for her to show up, and then finally it happened.  Imagine this scene happening in slow motion because this is how he remembers it.

She gets out the cab first looking in the direction he was not facing.  She turns her head towards his direction with her brown hair flying through the air seemingly missing her face.  She sees him and a frown turns into a smile.  She runs towards him with watery eyes and he catches her in his arms and an unforgettable hug is forever etched into his memory followed by a kiss that will last a lifetime.

At that very moment their world was complete and everything around them had vanished.

At that moment he thought, this is it, I’m never parting from her again.  Unfortunately, it did not work out that way.  He parted from her 3 more times on deployments, and finally several years later life decided that this love story had to end.

Ultimately they spent maybe 6 hours together with a cost of around $800 USD in cab rides, plane and hotel fare.  Was it worth it?


So why do I tell you this story?  Well first of it’s a great fucking story.  Secondly to encourage folks to take risks, it’s so fucking worth it even if it doesn’t work out in the end.  It will take you in many different directions you never thought were possible.  Shit, you might find yourself globetrotting hahaha!  Like the Amalfi story, my friends told me to take the risk because it would make for an interesting story and they were right. Hmmm, maybe I should write that story too (insert pondering emoji here).

EXCLAIMER: In no way was this story told to rekindle anything with the ex.  Don’t get shit twisted people




So I have a million things to do, like book a doctor’s appointment, book service for my car, tons of homework, cleaning and cooking, but I always postpone these things when I get the urge to write. I only write when I get inspired and today I was inspired by a friend and by the app tinder. (Thanks Tina, you got me all excited about this topic. I blame my procrastination on you). I can’t force my writing, it just happens.

So what is Tinder. Tinder is a lazy dating app. There’s no need to have a lengthy profile or take any surveys. All you need is a picture and maybe a funny topic. It’s an app simply based on physical attraction. You swipe right if you’re attracted to the person and you swipe left if you are not. If both parties have a mutual attraction, TADA! You’re allowed to communicate with each other. Tinder is best known as a “hook up” app but then again isn’t every dating app or site meant for that. Lets be real, very few of us are looking for love and if you are, online dating is probably not the best place to be looking for it, especially Tinder.

No one wants to say it out loud but lets face it if you’re on tinder your looking for sex, especially if you’re a dude. Shit, I initially went on there for that purpose. It doesn’t make you a slut, ok maybe just a little.

I see the necessity for apps like tinder or dating sites. We are all so busy with our lives that dating has become another chore. Another thing we must cross of our list so that we don’t end up dying alone. Here are the hard facts, you’re going to die alone unless you have a “Notebook” situation happen to you.

By now dating apps have been around for a while and men have mastered the art of online dating. Trust me, I’ve seen it, it works. Some guys have it down to a science and are quite successful, but you have to have no standards. Several of my comrades have been quite successful at this and one in particular. He’s on several dating apps messaging women the same message. Copy paste, copy paste, copy paste. He did this so much that he was booted from a popular dating app because the system thought he was spam. This can be taken in many ways; genius, sad, desperate, call it what you want I found it hilarious.

Like many others I joined the hype and got on Tinder. My initial reasons were just like everyone else, sex. I also did it to fill a void called loneliness. Sam Smith said it best:

Why am I so emotional?

No it’s not a good look, gain some self control

And deep down I know this never works

But you can lay with me so it doesn’t hurt

Oh, won’t you stay with me?

‘Cause you’re all I need

This ain’t love it’s clear to see

But darling, stay with me

I was doing these things cause I was emotionally fucked up, but when I encountered a stage five clinger on Tinder it scared me straight. So I vowed never to return until now. I got extremely bored one day and said, “fuck it why not”. My roommate also said, “you need another crazy in your life”. Not sure how I feel about that, but sometimes crazy is a good thing if received in small doses.

My adventure this time was different than before. My main focus was not sex but entertainment. Half the time it’s not me on Tinder but friends who are to shy to get on it. It’s fun seeing their interaction with the app because they act like everyone who first gets on the app. They take it serious and examine every picture before swiping left or right. A week later and they are swiping right like maniacs, having speed rounds with other Tindernites. Since it’s not them but me, they swipe right to the most unattractive girls just so that they can fuck with me. This leads to random matches made through out the day that startle me at random hours of the day. Meanwhile I’m over here thinking, “I didn’t swipe right to this, oh wait, son of a bitch.” Don’t let your friends have too much fun with your Tinder account.

I don’t’ take this app serious at all anymore. Unlike before when I was trying to say something funny or interesting, I now say and ask some of the dumbest questions ever. Here are some examples:

If I die what do you do? (answer I’m looking for is collect all the dragon balls but no one has even come close)

How do you feel about our social economic standing and how would you improve it?

Do I look fat in my picture? Be honest cause I’m thinking of paying for lipo.

When a girl ask me what I do for a living I respond with, “Baby I’m a professional wrapper!” (Because I sometimes have to wrap furniture in plastic at work) Fastest wrapper in the west coast!

Rebel Alliance or Imperial Army? Go!

Who can you relate to the most, Charlie, Mac, Dee or Dennis? Go!

As you can see these are just plain retarded, but my retarded sense of humor gets the best of me sometimes, plus it’s better than spinning on my chair at work all day.

I know, I know, I’m killing every chance of me getting laid by some random girl I meet on Tinder and it’s all pretty douche baggery of me, but like I said I don’t take this serious anymore. Dating sites have no real purpose anymore, at least in my opinion, unless you’re looking for a random hook up. The real question here is, what am I going to do when I meet the girl who calls me on my bullshit or answers the questions correctly? Well that’s all for tonight, I’ll leave you with some Hozier because we all fall in love with someone new every day, just a little:

Don’t take this the wrong way,

You knew who I was with every step that I ran to you,

Only blue or black days,

Electing strange perfections in any stranger I choose.

 Would things be easier if there was a right way?

Honey, there is no right way.

And so I fall in love just a little, oh a little bit every day with someone new