A Glimpse Into the World of Prostitution

Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession resulting in famous whores throughout history and biblical text.  Hollywood has even romanticized the profession in the flick Pretty Woman, but how many sex workers do you know that have ended up with millionaires.  Go ahead, I’ll wait, I just ordered another pint so we have time.  The sex world is an interesting one and it was through my basic curiosity that I was able to capture a glimpse of this world.  Here are my accounts of that journey.

Amsterdam’s Red Light District

Photo Cred: Conde Nast Traveler

At the helm of the prostitution world is the red light district in Amsterdam simply out of popularity.  Not only is this a place where horny guys go to score, this is a place visited by every traveler out of a basic human feeling, curiosity.  It is a giant tourist attraction, and yes you will see grandpa and grandma waltzing through the red lit streets.  Of course it isn’t till the late hours of the night that the serious customers reveal themselves.  My fist venture here was during my first European excursion.  Like every tourist I went and checked out the girls flaunting their goods behind a glass window.  I couldn’t tell you price or what is negotiated as I did not inquire with one of the girls.  Instead I walked and stared in amazement for this world does not exist in mine.  I will say the girls are hotter than your average street walker in the states.

Pascha in Cologne Germany

Photo Cred: Carpe Diem

During my time in Cologne I was informed of a famous brothel named Pascha.  After conducting my research through the worldwide web I discovered that Pascha is a hotel where prostitutes rent a room to conduct their services.  Revenue from clients is solely theirs and the hotel does not take a cut.  They make their revenue through entrance fees and alcohol sales. If you ask me this sounds better than working for an abusing pimp.  Yes, yes I don’t know what actually transpires behind the scenes, but if the information is accurate then it is a good deal in an industry that has a seedy reputation.

Pascha is the biggest brothel in Germany. There was no way I was going to miss it so I convinced my fellow hostel mate to join me in this adventure.

It was quite a walk from our hostel to the brothel but upon arrival we were greeted by a single bouncer at the entrance.  We paid our fee to enter the premises which wasn’t hefty, 15 euros I think.  This was two years ago so I apologize for my memory being a bit hazy.  The place didn’t seem quite populated, but it was early in the night.  At this hour most people are just arriving at the bars and the bros are testing their luck.  I’m assuming after failure and last call the place gets packed.

We made our way through the dim lit hallways, floor after floor.  If a girl is open for business she will have her door open and will usually be hanging by the doorway.  Some are quick to offer pricing and services while others gaze at you and wait for you to make the first move.  Starting price is 50 euros.  This can be many different things such as basic sex, blow job or hand job, all depends on what you negotiate with the girl.  Any additional services cost more.  Of course every girl has different prices but the standard I kept hearing was 50 euros.  We got to the final floor of regular services.  Any further up and we had to pay another fee.  What’s on these special floors you ask?  Why trannies of course.  I guess trannies provide a special service to that special gentleman with specific taste.  That was our cue to get the fuck out of there.

Hamburg’s Reeperbahn

Photo Cred: Muncher Merkur

During my travels I had mentioned to a fellow traveler that I was headed to Hamburg.  She informs me of a place that is forbidden for women to enter.  Of course I asked why and she tells me it is Hamburg’s red light district.  Unlike Amsterdam, this place is closed off to women and according to her there were guards at the entrances preventing women from entering.  She was so intrigued by this that she encouraged me to go and give her a full report on what I had witnessed.  I was enticed.

My stay in Hamburg was short but I did manage to explore the forbidden zone to women.  It did not live up to the hype. It is exactly like the red light district in Amsterdam except it is only a small alley with girls behind the glass.  I didn’t see any guards at the entrances, but it is walled off to keep out of view from the public.  The district it is in is called Reeperbahn, and here you can find plenty of strip/whore houses and street walkers. Reepeerbahn is located next to the St. Pauli quarter which is popular with tourists/backpackers for drinking and partying.

Thailand’s Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza

My visa in Vietnam had come to an end so I had to leave the best country in South East Asia.  I flew back to Bangkok so I can work my way North.  I booked a hostel far away from Khao San road because I was not in the mood to party. In my search for my hostel I came upon a street with a large unlit sign, it read Nana Plaza.  A friend had mentioned this place to me but during my initial stay in Bangkok I had no desire to visit it.  This time my hostel was a block away so fuck it why not.  I had time to kill anyway.

I returned later that night and oh man this place was something else.  This street was lit up like the Vegas strip. Everyone on this street were either prostitutes or clientel.  There are the few curios minds like mine who are venturing these streets but unlike Amsterdam this did not appear to be a huge tourist attraction.  This place is strictly business, you came here for sex, because “she will love you very long time”.

Unlike the other places I visited, the clientele here was much older.  To be more specific, older white guys.  These fuckers are everywhere, with whores half their age. I went through 3 phases of emotions:

  • Disgust: Bro these girls can be your daughters and for some of you, your granddaughters! The fuck is wrong with you? You old perverted fucks!
  • Humor: Hahahahaha you are about to get fucked by an old wrinkling dick.  Can he even get it up?  Oh man this is so gross it’s funny.
  • Sadness: Fuck, you girls are probably part of the sex trade and are not here out of your own will.  These old fucks are probably here for a reason we don’t see on the surface. Perhaps it is loneliness. For the first time I saw men paying these girls for their time.  They were out on dates and having casual conversations.  Sure the sex probably came later, but unlike their young male counterparts in Amsterdam, for these old blokes it was more than just sex, it was the pleasure of human company from the opposite sex.  At their age there isn’t much to look forward to but death.

I shook off my emotions and continued to explore.

Walking through the plaza the girls are more aggressive than others I had encountered.  They were constantly waving me over, blowing me kisses, showing me nipple, grabbing me and doing ungodly things with their mouth.  I played it cool of course, nodding no thanks to each and every one.

I wandered into one of the brothels where I was greeted by a hostess who sat me down.  In order to stay I had to purchase a beer, so I ordered the cheapest beer they had, good old Chang.  This place had a similar layout to a strip club with a stage in the center.  On stage were several girls with numbers pinned on their bra.  They moved around the stage like one of those pre-made sushi restaurants where the food revolves around a massive table.  Hmmm let’s see? Oh this one looks good. I’ll fuck this one.

The gentleman next to me had selected a number and the hostess brought the girl down to his table.  After a few minutes she brings the girl a drink. The gentleman perceives to pay. I can only assume a drink for the girl is mandatory for her time to talk to you.  Cheeky cunts eh.

After minutes of conversation or negotiation, they strike a deal and the gentleman disappears with the girl in hand behind some curtains.  Finished my drink, waved at the hostess who gave me a disappointed look for not ordering a girl, and took off.

By now you are probably wondering if I paid for sex.  I mean I must have after visiting these places right?  Wrong! I did not have sexual relationships with any of these women.  Man I’m starting to sound like good old Bill but unlike the 42nd president I’m telling the truth.  Hookers simply aren’t my thing, for many more reasons than the fact that I’m cheap.  If hookers are your thing, that’s cool, I’m not judging, I just ask to please do it in a legitimate place otherwise you are contributing to a much larger darker world of the sex trade.

Well that’s about it.  Like I said this was only a glimpse into this world.  I wish I could give you guys more insight but I dare not go any further in my research.  However, if you dare dive further into this world there are plenty of books and documentaries out there.  I’ll let you do your own research.

Till next time fellow travelers.

*photo cred for main photo: Rebel Circus,


World Travel Itinerary

Just a rough idea of my plan to travel around the world.  4 days into Sydney and the plan is already changing, which I find is the best way to travel.  It’s good to be prepared but you have to let some of the pieces fall where they may.  (photo credit: @worldtravelfans) 

*get Vietnam visa online

*look at hostel bookers.com


Cheap Airlines: Tiger Airlines, Jetstar

Bus: Greyhound Australia Pass

Rideshare: Look at hostel bulletins to hitch a ride with people or look at Kangaride, Jayride and Gumtree

Things to see:

Uluru(Too far, towards Alice Springs), sail Whitsundays, hike the Daintree


  • Sydney – 3 – Opera house, Harbor Bridge
  • Melbourne – 4
  • Sydney – 2
  • Byron Bay – 3 – Aquarius backpackers hostel
  • Gold Coast – 3 Surf N Sun Hostel
  • Brisbane – 3
  • Whitsunday – 3
  • Magnetic Island – 3 base hostel
  • Cairns – 5 – Gilligans hostel, Great barrier reef, Kuranda Rainforest, mission beach, crystal cascades

Total days = 29


  • Boracay – MNL beach hostel
  • Cebu

Thailand – must have passport at all times (law)


  • (5) NapPark hostel

Ayutthaya – Ancient City


Chiang Mai

  • (4) Spicy Thai hostel
  • Songkran Festival Thai new year, water fight (13-15th April) originated here

Chiang Khong

  • border with Laos
  • purchase 30 day tourist visa here, $30-$40 bucks


Houay Xai

  • Bokeo Nature reserve

Luang Prabang

  • (5) lots of shit to see here

Vang Vieng (4)

Sakura Bar

Vientiane – (5) capital city, visit Vietnam embassy here to get visa.

Tha Khaek

  • Do the Thakhaek loop on motorbike if possible. Takes 3 days but preferably do it in 4 days
  • Phou Hin Boon National Park
  • Konglor Cave
  • Tham Nong Pafa Cave


  • Second largest city
  • Museum on dinosaurs and unexploded bombs from Vietnam War
  • City host many festivals (look them up).

Ao Nang, Krabi – Slumber Party hostel

Koh Phangan – The Nomad House

Ko Samui

Ko Phangan

  • Hat Rin, full moon party

Ko Tao


  • Popular beaches – Ao Nang, Tang Sei, Rai Leh

Ko Tarutao National Marine Park


Dong Ha

  • A day is recommended here


  • Ancient city
  • Hue Citadel
  • Emperors tombs
  • Pagodas

Hoi An (4)

  • Riverside town
  • Party town
  • Beach is not far

Nha Trang

  • Backpackers house hostel

Dalat (4)

  • Lakes, forest and waterfalls (outdoors)

Mui Ne

  • Desert, sand dunes and beach (theres a desert in Vietnam? Da fuck?)
  • Not much going on apparently but great place to unwind. Probably will recharge my batteries here and regroup.

Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)

  • largest city
  • Pham Ngu Lao area, good place to find food, sleep, and drink
  • Lots of war sites

Hanoi – Hanoi backpackers hostel

Old Quarter, Hanoi – Central Backpackers


Phnom Penh

Koh Rong – island near Phnom Penh MUST GO


Siem Reap

  • Funky Flashpackers hostel
  • Temples of Angkor Wat


  • Jerusalem – 6 days, Abraham Hostel
  • Tel Aviv – 3 days, Florentine Backpackers Hostel
  • Day trip to the Dead Sea
  • Mediterranean coast
  • The North (???)
  • Petra – get there early, whole day trip,

Greece – Island hopping (link up w/ SF mates)

  • Santorini
  • Ios
  • Mykonos

Croatia – Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb,

Hungary – Budapest

Czech – Prague

Germany – Munich

Spain – Link up with the moms.  Visit Madrid and Barcelona.









Peru – Regroup in Lima.  Spend a month.  Link up with pops



Costa Rica


Home (Noooooooo 😦 

Chasing the Sun/The Great Escape (I don’t fucking know anymore)

Life is filled with “Goodbyes”.  I know this because I’ve had to say it way too many times.  Goodbye to family, goodbye to friends, goodbye to relationships, and goodbye to brothers who have made their final ascension into Valhalla.

But not every goodbye is a sad one.  Sometimes a goodbye is a closure to one part of your life and the beginning of another.  A new adventure or a fresh start, as cheesy as that may sound.  I’m not a fan of saying goodbye to people, so instead I say “see ya later”.  Goodbye sounds so final, so concrete.

This time around its no different, and I still don’t plan on saying goodbye.  As I get ready to embark on another trip I simply tell people, “see ya later, have a cold one waiting for me for when I return”.  Oh yea, did I forget to mention I’m going backpacking again haha!

This time I journey to the beautiful land of Australia.  Why you may ask?  Well that’s a silly question, its fucking Australia!  Also I made a promise to visit some good mates of mine I met in Europe, and I’m not about to stop breaking my promises.

I’m not sure why I named this blog post “The Great Escape”.  I’m not escaping from anything; I simply want to explore the world. Chasing the sun seems like a better title since I’ll be consistently chasing the sun this time around or perhaps, “Damnnnnn Carlos, back at it again with the traveling” is a more suitable title, I’ll let you decide.  Well now that I think about it I might be escaping from one thing, conformity.  You know that thing everyone wants you to do, get a degree, get a career, work, work, work, work (in Rihanna voice), get married, make offspring, retire, die.  As I reach my big 30, that pressure to conform increases. I guess by societies standards I should have a career and be married by now.  Been there, done that.

I’m no revolutionary, people today are steering away from conformity and doing great things.  The idea of marriage is dying, as more people stray away from it.  More people are choosing not to have kids, and focusing on personal development.  There is nothing wrong with conformity or normalizing to some standards. Its some people’s goal to get married and raise a family, shit it was mine there for a while.  I myself will eventually chase this goal as well, but not in the near future. I would like to tell you to do the same while you are still young, but hey it’s your life, live it how you want.  Personal development does not mean doing it on your own, for the company of different people and different cultures is the best way to grow.

If I ever get blessed with grand kids, who by the way will be a bunch of shit heads because I’m a shit head, I want to sit on a hovering recliner (it’s the future, they will have these) with a long wooden pipe for show, because I don’t smoke, stroking my grey beard and say, “Gather around young padawans, let me tell you about the time your grand pappy pulled a Hemingway” or the time I stood on the side of a mountain and watched a memorable sunrise in a foreign country where its inhabitants wanted to kill me.  (I’m going to terrorize these kids HAHA!)

I do have one final thought on this somewhat off track topic. I do believe one of life’s goals is to find someone to share these moments with, the person you can stand still with, enjoy sincere silence, and take in the moment.  This isn’t a necessity, but a nice compliment to your badassery (yup just made up a word).  I can’t tell you how to achieve this, but I do believe it can be done through personal growth, which can only be achieved by stepping outside the bubble of conformity.  Plus, life is to fucking awesome to live it by yourself, go share it with someone and make some kick ass memories.

Like before, this idea to take off started small, with a plan to save up and travel in two years, which turn to a small two-week trip in less than a year, to now traveling for several months.  I mean why not right, I’m already going to be in that part of the world, so why not keeping going. I knew I would travel again even before I left Europe, so I began to stash money away as soon as I landed in the states. Surprisingly I came back under budget and stored it in the travel fund. The gears in my head were moving but I had no date and too many destinations to choose from. Planning big trips like these are often daunting and time consuming, but well worth it.

Once again certain aspects in my life have push me towards this idea a lot sooner than I had planned.  Drawbacks, successes and failures have all created an opportunity for me to leave again.  I made up my mind several months ago to go full throttle with the plan, setting up a budget, watching my expenses like a hawk and working like a slave. Going to need three times the cheddar this time around.

So what’s the new itinerary?  Well let me tell ya! This plan will sound really ambitious, but fuck it, YOLO right.

Phase 1

First stop, AUSTRALIA!  I will be backpacking the east coast of Australia for a month. Somewhere along that route I plan on accomplishing 3 goals; fight a kangaroo, fight a koala, and not die. Assuming I’m still alive after all this I’ll be licking my wounds in Cairns before my departure to SOUTH EAST ASIA!

Phase 2

This is where it gets tricky and I’ll need help. I’ve already talked to several of you and thank you for the valuable advice. If anyone has any tips or information on SEA feel free to drop me a line. I’ve already started my research and have a rough draft on the route I plan to take.  Also any info on the Philippines (Boracay & Cebu) would help. I’ll be out of SEA by June due to monsoon season and plan on heading west towards Ireland and Scotland. Not sure how I’m going to get there but I WILL GET THERE. I’ve been dreaming about Ireland and the Highlands since I’ve been back, failure here is not an option. Also any info on Capetown and Morroco would help as well.

Phase 3

Phase three of the plan gets real ballsy as I plan to make my way to South America.  Now the chances of me reaching this continent are slim but hey, YOLO (I promise YOLO is not part of my regular vocabulary, but it seems appropriate. Just about every curse word known to man is).  This will simply depend on money, and how much I have left. I have not done ANY research on this yet, so definitely need all the advice I can get. Getting here means I budgeted just right, or I pulled a Rambo (sold live Cobras for snake fight club in SEA).

I’m also sending an open invitation to anyone who wants to join me on this adventure.  I’ve realize that most people are afraid to travel alone, so that’s why I offer people to join me on any part of my trip.  Money is also a factor and even though I can’t fund your trip, I can offer money saving advice.  The purpose behind these stories and blog is to encourage people to travel. Everyone should see the world through their own eyes. Pictures, videos and blogs don’t do it justice.

I’m currently working on anchor points, and so far I only have a few.  Life keeps me pretty preoccupied and most of my planning is done during my commute hours. I’ll be in Oz for NYE, which hopefully will be pretty bad ass. I fly out to SEA on the 27 of Jan after Australia Day (can’t miss that). Where I land first in SEA is still up to question but I will be in Thailand for SONGKRAN!! (Apr 13-16). I’ll be out of SEA by June. I’ll be posting a final itinerary as the date approaches.

Oh fuck I just realized that I leave in 5 months! 5 freaking months! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I still got so much planning to do.

Funny thing is I’m already planning what to do when I return, (get my iron horse back and tour my own country) got to stay focus.

Of course everything is subject to change as life continues to throw me curve balls, it just depends if I decide to dodge it, catch it or hit it.  Whatever happens I will choose the route that will provide me with a good story so I can write about it.

Safe travels everyone and I appreciate any tips/advice you send my way.